Community Mural 

1996 Kathlehong

Community Art and Industrial Design Commissions

Corporate and Social Enterprise Development Projects:

You want to make a difference: Social Impact through Creativity is what we do. Our projects date back to before the dawn of democracy in South Africa. 

As part of an integrated route to market for creative social entrepreneurs, Kathy established MUSEUMSTORE.AFRICA at the newly launched Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria. Integral to the offering is ongoing work with inner-city and township-based learners, and adults, with a focus on transferring functional skills and the production of craft, art and aesthetic items for sale in MuseumStore.Africa outlets - online and in situ.

A year-long initiative through 2019, for 120 creative social entrepreneurs, established and emerging - 60 from Langa township in Cape Town, and 60 from across Gauteng. 



One of the first in a democratic South Africa in 1995, creating a precedent for commissioning local talent in creating environmental design - in this case, murals, for Yo-TV. Some murals still exist two decades later. 

When there was no opportunity for South Africans to mix, to understand what was happening to fellow South Africans - in townships, in exile, in the suburbs, the Weekly Mail Film Festival provided a mirror to our society. Kathy was founder / curator.

Each year, a different acclaimed artist designed the poster for the festival: William Kentridge; Penny Siopis and Steven Cohen were commissioned.